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"I used to think 'success techniques' (such as affirmations, visualization, and mind reprogramming) were all a bunch of NONSENSE...boy, was I wrong."


From: Ewen Chia


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to SUCCEED... while you tend to FAIL?

Well, let me tell you a secret...

BOTH failure and success begin in the mind.

Hi, my name is Ewen Chia... and I’m a self-made millionaire.

I’ve taught SOLD-OUT marketing seminars that cost $5,000 per seat. And, as an author, I’ve hit NUMBER ONE on Amazon's best-seller list...

I’ve also traveled the world and lived the kind of life most people just dream of.

But things weren't always so easy... not by a long shot.

Even though I graduated from the University of London -- with honors -- I was still struggling to make ends meet... and pay my credit card bills. 

I was desperate to change my circumstances and provide a better life for my family... so I looked for anything that might give me an advantage.

I tried a bunch of different self-help and success courses, but...


I was convinced that all those self-help products were little more than a bunch of NONSENSE.

And I felt that way until I stumbled upon something called Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (SMR).

The thing is... as complex as it may sound, SMR is actually quite simple. The KEY thing I never really appreciated is that...


The reason the success I craved always seemed to be outside of my grasp was because my negative thoughts were holding me back. In short... if you think you'll fail, you will.

This was a startling revelation for me...

What I thought was nonsense, turned out to be the key to my success!

As a result, I began to study EVERYTHING I could find about success and the mind.

What I found is that some techniques work BETTER than others. Furthermore, I discovered that I was doing some of the techniques WRONG.

As it turns out, techniques such as:

  • Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (SMR)...
  • Positive Affirmations, and...
  • Vivid Visualization...

...can all be incredibly effective (when they're DONE PROPERLY).

And that's what often happens...

People try these techniques... do them improperly... and assume they don't work. And, initially, I made that mistake, too.

The thing is...

If there were just ONE THING I could help you understand, it would be this...

Your chances for success will be very limited... until you "get your head right."

It's really just that simple.

And that's why, today, I'm a successful Internet marketing expert and MILLIONAIRE. (My days of struggling to pay my bills are long over!)

But... whether it's making money, losing weight, or ANY OTHER ENDEAVOR... I'm convinced that Subconscious Mind Reprogramming can help you.

And that's why I've taken EVERYTHING I've learned about SUCCESS and packed it into a POWERFUL and COMPREHENSIVE course...


In a nutshell, Success Switch is designed to help you "flip the switch" in your brain and get you thinking like a millionaire.

Success Switch is a simple-to-use program.

I've broken the process down into baby steps that are extremely easy to follow.

It's "mind reprogramming" MADE EASY.

Success Switch is also 100% natural... in other words, there are NO supplements required and NO equipment to buy. Everything you need to succeed is included in the Success Switch program.

And the best part is that you'll often start to see results in as little as 7 days.

Now, I certainly can't guarantee you'll become a millionaire. But I DO know that training your mind can help you succeed at virtually ANYTHING YOU DO.

In fact, I'm so sure of it that Success Switch is 100% GUARANTEED.

  • Discover the numerous ways that negative thoughts can fester... CAUSING YOU HARM and holding you back.
  • Why the language you use, in casual conversation, indicates your thought patterns. (You'll learn how to use that knowledge to your advantage.)
  • How to choose your feelings and state of mind. (Tip: When you learn to control your "state," you'll be in TOTAL CONTROL of your life.)
  • The secret to harnessing the amazing power of FOCUS. (Hint: Like everything else... it begins with YOUR MIND.)
  • How to "cut to the chase" and determine the true source of your NEGATIVE feelings (which are the ROOT CAUSE of FAILURE).
  • How to use the power of your subconscious mind to AUTOMATICALLY help guide you toward achieving success. (Again, I used to think "mind reprogramming" was silly... but not any more.)
  • Why the subconscious mind can work FOR or AGAINST you... and how to "flip the switch" to the SUCCESS position! (Tip: It's so easy to do that you'll wish you had discovered it sooner.)
  • Why methods such as subliminal recordings, hypnosis, will power, and musical "beats" training are often ineffective, inefficient, and impractical... while the Success Switch method of "subconscious mind reprogramming" is both easier and more effective.
  • Why some so-called "success techniques" actually have more to do with a "placebo effect" than real, permanent change. (Note: This is why the Success Switch method is VASTLY SUPERIOR.)
  • 3 reasons why most self-improvement efforts FAIL. (Hint: You'll discover that it's not enough to know how to succeed... you also have to eliminate the causes of failure. When you do that... you'll be virtually unstoppable.)
  • The AMAZING SECRET of my "self-improvement chart." It clearly explains why people FAIL... and the simple shift in thinking required to ALMOST INSTANTLY turn failure into success. (This is one of the most POWERFUL concepts I've EVER seen. This ONE tip, alone, could transform your life. Really.)
  • A detailed explanation of why THE BEST way to transform your life is by changing your brain via mind reprogramming. (Note: This simple idea is at the CORE of my program.)
  • Why reprogramming your mind is actually VERY EASY to do. (Tip: Most people think it's complex or difficult -- but it isn't. Why? Because your mind does the hard part FOR YOU.)
  • How to avoid negatively programming yourself without knowing it. (Warning: Negative thoughts can creep into your mind a number of ways. These thoughts poison your thinking. I'll show you how to avoid it.)
  • Discover the 3 optimal times of the day to reprogram your mind. (Note: You can do it at any time... but certain times are more effective than others. I'll explain it to you. It's interesting stuff.)
  • What the 4 "brain states" are and how they relate to the "Window of Opportunity" approach to mind reprogramming. (This is a fascinating concept that can help accelerate your results.)
  • The 3 types of affirmations... and how to compose and use them EFFECTIVELY. (Tip: Affirmations are all about putting positive thoughts into your mind; they're extremely effective at changing your "state.")
  • How to use mind reprogramming to break bad habits. (Note: Most people equate "success" with making money... and that's fine. But you can ALSO use these same techniques to help achieve virtually ANY goal.)
  • How to properly use VISUALIZATION techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your subconscious mind reprogramming. (Hint: Professional athletes use this all the time. Why? Because it really works.)
  • Discover how use "Link Breaking" -- along with "Magical Questions" -- to help RAPIDLY change your behavior. (Note: These techniques are rarely discussed, but I'll show you how they work step-by-step.)
  • How to create and use "Anchors" to trigger and control your mental state. (Tip: This, too, is a VERY powerful technique. You'll want to use it on a daily basis.)
  • How to "prepare" yourself for mind reprogramming... so you get the fastest and best results. (Note: The reason many people get poor results from these techniques is because they do it WRONG. In fact, most people SKIP the preparation step entirely... which is a HUGE mistake.)
  • And MUCH, much more...


Question: How does "Subconscious Mind Reprogramming" work?

It's actually quite simple...

Deep within the subconscious mind, a collection of all your memories and life experiences are affecting how you think and what you believe to be true.

For example, your mind might be feeding you negative thoughts such as these:

“You’re a failure”.

“You’ll never amount to anything.”

“Why even bother trying?”

SMR helps you change the messages your brain sends you. And, as you'll learn, it's incredibly easy to do.

The PROBLEM people commonly run into is that they use the techniques IMPROPERLY. That's because there are pitfalls you need to be aware of for MAXIMUM benefit. (The people who try SMR -- and give up -- simply don't understand how to overcome the pitfalls.)

But Success Switch will guide your through the process in a simple, step-by-step way. It's easy.

Question: Can anyone use Mind Reprogramming?

Yes. Again... it's simple.

It doesn't matter:

  • How old or young you are.
  • How much money you make.
  • What your personal background is. Or...
  • What kind of problems you're facing.

With SMR, in as little as a week, you could start to see positive changes.

Question: You've experienced AMAZING success. Can you tell me a little more about your journey?

Yes, absolutely!

I went from working a dead-end job as a cubicle slave for a soul-sucking boss -- while barely scraping by on a meager income -- to owning a business and becoming a best-selling author, speaker, and consultant. 

As a result, I've also made a lot of new friends! Here, take a look...

Donald Trump and Ewen


Robert Allen and Ewen


This sort of success doesn't just happen by accident -- you have to take charge of your life and MAKE it happen. But, as I found out, it's hard to do that when negative thoughts cause you to constantly doubt yourself.

Frankly, I would have given my entire life savings (which, at the time, wasn’t much) for the SAME information you'll discover inside the pages of Success Switch. So Enjoy!

When you order, you'll also get 3 great BONUSES...


In this 77-page guide, you'll discover the secrets of self-made millionaires (like me!) and how you can tap into their knowledge and experience... to fast track YOUR OWN SUCCESS.

Your current financial situation doesn't matter. This guide will reveal the strategies and tactics used by millionaires... so you can emulate them.



Winners are made, NOT born. But negative thoughts and influences can prevent you from becoming a winner. Don't let that happen to you!

In this concise guide -- a companion to the main Success Switch manual -- you'll discover how to identify and avoid the FIVE main “success destroyers.”

You'll discover the NUMBER ONE problem that can crush your dreams and cause you to FAIL virtually EVERY TIME.

What is that problem?


It's a leading cause of failure.

But this guide will help put YOU back in charge of your life. It provides the kind of guidance and motivation you'll need to make your dreams a reality.



This guide is sort of a "quick-start" manual that gently leads you through the process of Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (SMR).

SMR is a cornerstone in the journey toward creating REAL and substantial change in your life.

Again, your mind is where ALL success begins. So, if you truly long for success, you MUST start there.

If you make the common mistake of setting goals without FIRST having the right mental state -- you will have lost before you even begin.

I wish I had discovered these techniques earlier in my life (but it's NEVER too late).


Frankly, any ONE of the bonuses above is easily worth the modest price of the entire course. And, combined with my 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE, the Success Switch program is absolutely UNBEATABLE.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed. There Is Absolutely NO RISK On Your Part...

I'm so sure you'll find my course invaluable to your success, that I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Try my Success Switch program for up to 60 days. If, at any time during that period, you're not thrilled with your results, I'll give your money back... with NO questions asked, NO catches, and NO fine print.

In short... either you're completely happy or you'll get a full refund.

This is a true, RISK-FREE offer. You simply can't lose. So grab your copy today -- you'll be very glad you did.


For a limited time, the complete Success Switch program -- with all 3 bonuses -- is available for a ONE-TIME investment of just $37.

That's the price of a couple movie tickets and pizza. Isn't your future worth at least that much?

After you purchase, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to all four manuals (the main guide plus ALL 3 BONUS guides) in Adobe PDF format.

You can order at ANY TIME -- day or night -- so click here right now to get started.

If you've ever wondered why others succeed and you FAIL, Success Switch will help you see the light... so you can finally begin to live the kind of life you should be living.

Don't delay. Begin NOW. Again, this is a RISK-FREE OFFER. Your satisfaction is FULLY GUARANTEED.

Let me put it this way... if not now... when?

Where will you be in 3 months time?

Will you be well on your way toward a new life... or still "stuck"?

If you don't take action and get started, you'll be setting yourself up for CONTINUED stress, failure, and disappointment.

So grab your copy of the Success Switch program and make a positive change in your life... for just $37


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For Greater Success & A Happier Life,

#1 International Bestselling Author

P.S. How long will you allow your self-defeating behaviors to keep your from the kind of success you deserve? You have the power within your own mind to change your life and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Click here to start NOW!

P.P.S. Success Switch is your COMPLETE "success solution"... I look forward to hearing YOUR success story! Order TODAY... and BEGIN.

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